The Steven M. Pinsky MD Resident Research Awards, a series of cash prizes are awarded to a radiology or radiation oncology residents or fellows for an outstanding research poster presented at the CRS Meeting. The purpose of the award is to encourage radiology and radiation oncology members-in-training to do research; to enhance the academic careers of radiology residents; and to promote the inter-institutional exchange of information. Pinsky categories will include Neuro and Body.

2019 Winners:
Camila Lopes Vendrami, MD – Body/MSK
Kemp Knott, MD – Body/MSK
Marlee Crews, MD – Cardiac/Chest
Anugayathri Jawahar, MD – Cardiac/Chest
Stephany Ross, MD – IR
Abhijit Salaskar, MD – IR
Christopher Oustwani, MD – Neuroradiology
Funmilayo Tade, MD – Nuclear Medicine
Stephen Supple, MD – Quality & Safety
Corey Foster, MD – Radiation Oncology

2018 Winners:
Zeeshan Baqui, MD – Body/MSK
S. Ryan Erickson, BA – Cardiac/Chest
Cindy Yuan, MD, PhD – IR
Lawrence Bahoura, MD – Neuroradiology
Vrushali Bachhav, MD – Nuclear Medicine
Andrea L. Magee, MD – Quality & Safety
Jeffrey Gross, MD – Radiation Oncology

2017 Winners:
Darshan Patel, MD – Body
Daniel Jilani, MD – IR/Vascular
Stephanie Jo, MD – MSK
Joseph DeBartolo, MD – Neuroradiology
Anup Alexander, MD – Quality & Safety
Philip Blumenfeld, MD – Radiation Oncology

2016 Winners:
Jawahar Anugayathri, MD – Body
Ammar Al-Saraf, MD – IR/Vascular
Ali Al-Saraf, MD – MSK
Charles Kim, MD – Neuroradiology
Daniel L’Heureux, MD – QI
Alec Block, MD – Radiation Oncology

2015 Winners:
William McGarry, MD – General/Body
Alec Block, MD – Radiation Oncology
Adeel R. Seyal, MD – Research
Chris Therasse, MD – MSK/Neuroradiology