The Distinguished Service Award of the Chicago Radiological Society (CRS) was established in 1978 and is bestowed annually on a member who has brought honor to the Chicago radiological community through outstanding service in teaching, research, organizational work, or practice.

Previous Winners

2018-2019: Abraham Dachman, MD
2017-2018: Michael Racenstein, MD, FACR
2016-2017:  Edward Melian, MD
2015-2016:  Aruna Vade, MD, FACR
2014-2015:  Joseph D. Calandra, MD
2013-2014: Ellen B. Mendelson, MD, FACR
2012-2013: Thomas H. Grant, DO
2011–2012: Kathleen A. Ward, MD
2010–2011: Kate Feinstein, MD
2009–2010: Gary L. Dillehay, MD
2008–2009: Richard A. Mintzer, MD
2007–2008: Thomas M. Anderson, MD
2006–2007: Geoffrey L. Smoron, MD
2005–2006: Gregory D. Moss, MD
2004–2005: Leonard Berlin, MD
2003–2004: Carl J. Vyborny, MD
2002–2003: Ruth G. Ramsey, MD
2001–2002: Robert P. Cavallino, MD
2000–2001: William L. Schey, MD
1999–2000: Jerry P. Petasnick, MD
1998–1999: Steven M. Pinsky, MD
1997–1998: Daniel J. Murphy, M.D
1996–1997: Lawrence H. Lanzl, PhD
1995–1996: Frank R. Hendrickson, MD
1994–1995: Andrew Poznanski, MD
1993–1994: James J. Conway, MD
1992–1993: Lee F. Rogers, M.D.
1991–1992: Ulrich F. Danckers, M.D.
1990–1991: Frank L. Hussey, Jr., M.D.
1989–1990: Raymond L. Del Fava, M.D.
1988–1989: Franklin S. Alcorn, M.D.
1987–1988: Benjamin Felson, M.D.
1986–1987: Leon Love, M.D.
1985–1986: Richard E. Buenger, M.D.
1984–1985: Harold J. Lasky, M.D.
1983–1984: Howard C. Burkhead, M.D.
1982–1983: William T. Meszaros, M.D.
1981–1982: Theodore J. Wachowski, M.D.
1980–1981: Frank L. Hussey, Sr., M.D.
1980–1981: Earl E. Barth, M.D.
1979–1980: Harvey White, M.D.
1978–1979: Frederic D..Lake, M.D.