Grubbe_Emile_150pThe Grubbe Memorial Award of the Chicago Radiological Society (CRS) has been granted since 1964 to a CRS featured speaker each year for outstanding work in the radiological sciences. This prize is funded by the estate of Dr. Emil Grubbe, an early pioneer of the radiological sciences, and represents a continuing legacy of the rich history of radiology in our city that has been bestowed on the CRS.

Beginning in 1897, only two years after the discovery of the “roentgen ray” in Germany, Dr. Grubbe, at that time a medical student in Chicago, began using the new ray to diagnose disease and treat cancer. By the early-1900s, he was teaching and practicing diagnostic and therapeutic radiology at four institutions in the city.

His extraordinarily long and accomplished career was attained at the cost of radiation-induced illnesses, including cutaneous malignancies, which required amputation of the left hand. After Dr. Grubbe died in 1960, his estate bequeathed to the University of Chicago Department of Radiation Oncology funds for establishment of the “Emil H. Grubbe Medal of the Chicago Medical Society for Outstanding Work with X-rays,” which has evolved into the Grubbe Memorial Award of the Chicago Radiological Society.


2014-2015:  Aaron S. Field, MD, PhD
2013-2014: Not Awarded
2012-2013: Robert A. Novelline, MD
2011–2012: Teresa Woodruff, PhD
2010–2011: Alec Megibow, MD
2009–2010: Richard Gunderman, MD
2008–2009: Sundeep Nayak, MD
2007–2008: Michael Huckman, MD
2006–2007: Not awarded
2005–2006: N. Reed Dunnick, MD
2004–2005: James G. Smirniotopoulos, MD
2003–2004: Valerie Jackson, MD
2002–2003: Murray Dalinka, MD
2001–2002: Harvey L. Neiman, MD
2000–2001: Claudia I. Henschke, MD
1999–2000: David C. Levin, MD
1998–1999: Robert Zimmerman, MD
1997–1998: Joseph T. Ferrucci, Jr., MD
1996–1997: Ronald G. Evens, MD
1995–1996: Lee F. Rogers, MD
1994–1995: Not awarded
1993–1994: E. Robert Heitzman, MD
1992–1993: Kenneth L. Krabbenhoft, MD
1991–1992: Charles E. Putman, MD
1990–1991: Robert I. White, Jr., MD
1989–1990: Anne G. Osborn, MD
1988–1989: Kurt Amplatz, MD
1987–1988: Stanley Baum, MD
1986–1987: Stanley S. Siegelman, MD
1985–1986: Juan M. Taveras, MD
1984–1985: Robert G. Fraser, MD
1983–1984: David E. Kuhl, MD
1982–1983: Richard H. Marshak, MD
1981–1982: Charles T. Dotter, MD
1980–1981: Harold Jacobson, MD
1979–1980: Benjamin Felson, MD
1978–1979: Rodney Million, MD
1977–1978: Luther W. Brady, MD
1976–1977: Morton Kligerman, MD
1975–1976: Simon Kramer, MD
1974–1975: Henry S. Kaplan, MD
1973–1974: Juan A. Del Regato, MD
1972–1973: Gilbert H. Fletcher, MD
1971–1972: Not awarded
1970–1971: Russell H. Morgan, MD
1969–1970: Edward W. Neuhauser, MD
1968–1969: Richard H. Marshak, MD
1967–1968: Earl E. Barth, MD
1966–1967: Eugene Pendergrast, MD
1965–1966: Leo Rigler, MD
1964–1965: Paul C. Hodges, MD